Amazon’s Newest Kindle E-Reader Gets Smaller, Better — and Pricier

Amazon has quietly released a new baseline Kindle E Ink e-reader for $100 that no longer seems so entry-level. While its 6-inch screen makes it a smaller and lighter e-reader than the step-up Kindle Paperwhite ($130), its display has the same 300 ppi resolution as the Paperwhite. However, that step-up model adds waterproofing and incorporates a more sophisticated front lighting scheme, with 17 LEDs compared to the Kindle 2022’s four. The new e-reader is available for preorder now in black or denim blue and ships on Oct. 12.

The Kindle 2022 measures 6.2 by 4.3 by 0.32 inches (158 by 109 by 8 mm) and weighs 5.56 ounces (158 grams), all of which are smaller measurements than the 2019 Kindle. By comparison, the Kindle Paperwhite weighs 7.23 ounces (205 grams). Both models feature USB-C charging.

Amazon didn’t skimp on the storage for the Kindle 2022. It comes with 16GB, which is actually 8GB more than what you get with the base model of the Paperwhite. Battery life is also said to be extended up to six weeks. 

The Kindle 2022 is Amazon's new entry-level e-reader

The Kindle 2022 has a smaller 6-inch display.


In the past, we recommended stepping up to the Paperwhite if you could afford it, mainly because it had a higher resolution display than the entry-level Kindle, which allowed text to appear more crisp. But with both models now featuring similar displays (at least as far as resolution goes), we may have to revise that recommendation, especially when the new Kindle 2022 potentially sees $20-$30 discounts during the holiday season.

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We’ll need some hands-on time with the new Kindle 2022 before we deliver a more definitive verdict, but its smaller size, lighter weight and improved display make it a significantly more appealing entry-level Kindle.    

The new reader is also available in a child-friendly version called Amazon Kids ($120). That model is the same hardware, but adds a cover, a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids Plus (a large collection of kid-friendly reading material), as well as a two-year warranty.

Kindle 2022 key features, per Amazon

  • The lightest and most compact Kindle: 5.56 ounces (158 grams)
  • 300 ppi high-resolution glare-free E Ink display
  • Adjustable front light (4 LEDs) and dark mode
  • Extended battery life: single charge via USB-C lasts up to 6 weeks
  • 16GB of storage (double the storage capacity of the previous generation)
  • Uses 30-75% recycled plastics, 90% recycled magnesium and has 100% recyclable device packaging
  • Two colors: black or navy
  • Price: $100
  • Ships Oct. 12

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