Best NAS Deals: Save up to $1,760 on Drives From WD, Synology and More

Managing the data for your small business or other organization with multiple employees can be a serious headache. You need to make sure everyone can easily access the files they need to keep work moving along, but you also want to make sure that your data remains secure from prying eyes. And while cloud storage services can be helpful, they can also be limited and expensive when you’re looking at larger multiterabyte-capacity plans.

A network attached storage drive offers a simple and effective solution. A NAS drive essentially functions as a self-contained cloud, with one or more high-capacity storage drives that anyone on the network can access. While they can be a little costly up front, they’re one of the more efficient and cost-effective ways to keep your organization’s data organized, secure and accessible. Plus, you can often find models on sale for hundreds less than their list prices. We’ve rounded up some of the best NAS drive deals out there at the moment, and we’ll continue to update this page as offers come and go, so be sure to check back often. 


If your organization primarily uses Windows, then this 8TB Buffalo network attached storage drive is a great pick. It’s powered by Windows Server IoT 2019, which means it’s designed to seamlessly integrate into a Windows environment. Plus, it has Hyper-V and DHA, which offer increased data protection capabilities.


With 32TB of included storage and at over $500 off its usual price, this is one of the best-value NAS drives you’ll find out there at the moment. It’s equipped with 4GB of ECC memory as well as a 10GB ethernet port for lightning-fast data transfer, and the 256-bit AES encryption ensures that your data can’t be accessed from anyone outside your network. It also supports integration with popular third-party cloud services like Dropbox and Microsoft Azure for an extra offsite backup of your data in case something happens to the physical drive.


Despite its 16TB capacity, this WD drive is primarily designed for home use and personal storage. It plugs directly into your home Wi-Fi router, and allows you to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection using the companion My Cloud Home apps. The drive’s Mirror Mode keeps your data secure by automatically duplicating any files stored on one drive and backing it up on the other. 

You’re receiving price alerts for 16TB WD My Cloud Home Duo: $510


If capacity is your No. 1 priority, this is the best deal you’ll find out there at the moment. With a substantial 128TB of storage, this Synology NAS drive is the largest one you’ll find on this list, and it can handle even your most demanding storage needs. It’s also equipped with a PCIe 3.0 slot for expansions like a network adapter for high-speed data transfers and backups. This drive is certainly overkill for home use, but it’s a great pick for an office or small business. 


With 16TB of storage, this WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra is great for both individuals with serious storage needs, and for smaller businesses looking for a budget-friendly pick. With 1GB of DDR3 memory, it boasts impressive data transfer speeds, and the built-in USB 3.0 ports allow you to transfer photos or videos from a camera or flash drive with the touch of a button. It’s also compatible with Apple Time Machine so you can back up your files, and with 256 AES volume encryption, you can be confident that your data is safe from prying eyes. 

You’re receiving price alerts for 16TB WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra: $650


If you’re looking for an NAS drive for home use, chances are you don’t need an excessive amount of storage. With a 4TB capacity, this QNAP drive is the smallest on this list, and it’s also the most affordable at less than $450. It’s equipped with five USB ports for simple storage, boasts data transfer speeds of up to 686 MB/s and features an HDMI port with real-time video transcoding so you can watch all your downloaded shows and movies on your TV, hassle-free. 

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