Save Hundreds On a Powerful Mac Desktop by Shopping Refurb Models at Woot

With tons of people switching over to remote work permanently, desktop computers may be making a comeback. True, they can’t compete with the convenience of a laptop, but they offer plenty of their own benefits, including massive screens and impressive hardware that’s not constrained by size and weight. The iMac is one of our favorite desktops on the market in 2022, and while you’ll rarely find it on sale, you can still save big by opting for a used model. 

Now through Oct. 13, Woot has a selection of refurbished iMacs available, including some of the latest models from 2021. All the computers you’ll find at this sale are “Grade A” refurbs. According to Woot, that means that each one has been thoroughly restored to full working condition. They also come covered by Woot’s 90-day warranty. 

The iMac is a stunning desktop that combines the computer and monitor into a single sleek device. The 2021 model is the newest on the market, and right now you can pick it up for as low as $1,100, saving you $149 compared to the Apple price. It’s equipped with a 24-inch, 4.5K Retina display, 8GB of memory and Apple’s M1 processor

If a large screen is your No. 1 priority, you can pick up the brand-new Mac Studio. This gargantuan monitor features a stunning 27-inch Retina LCD display with 5K resolution and a tilt-adjustable stand, and is on sale for $1,400, saving you $100 compared to the price from Apple directly. Just note that the Studio is just a monitor, not a standalone desktop. It can be used with select Apple laptops and desktops. 

If you don’t need the latest and greatest, there are plenty of older refurbished models available as well. The 2019 model is only two years behind the latest generation. It features a 21.5-inch display, 1TB of storage, a vivid 4K IPS Retina display, a quad-core intel i3 processor and 8GB of DDR4 memory. It’s on sale for $480.

There are even more affordable models available, too. This 27-inch model from 2015 has an intel i5 quad-core processor, 1TB of storage, a 5K Retina widescreen display and is on sale for just $445. There are even models available for as low as $160, though they stretch all the way back to 2012.

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